What We Do

West Stream Group helps businesses grow, expand, and improve their work environment by consulting, developing websites, and specializing in graphic design to contribute in attracting their clients.

Graphic Design

We will create companies' logos, advertisements to any kinds of designs at a low price. We will process a refund if you aren't satisfied with our work!

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Web Development

Generally speaking, making a custom website can easily cost you thousands of dollars. We succeeded in creating websites for a numerous number of clients as low as from $300. West Stream Group does its best to minimize web development cost for the clients. We will do the dirty work to develop a website for you, so you can be ahead of the game quickly. Utilizing multiple programming languages , we will create a professional website for your needs at a low price. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will process a refund for you!

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Management Consulting

We practice of helping small businesses' concerns from increasing company performance, strategy to all kinds of management elements. We help determine what kind of business model you should follow to build new products, grow new services, restructuring programmes, and eliminate unnecessary wastes. We focus on creating a positive atmosphere for employees as well as the employer.

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